Set up video conferencing on your work account
RemoteMeeting API Integration

Easily embed RemoteMeeting API in your work environment,
without arranging a new system or account for video conferencing.

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Connect RemoteMeeting API to support video conference calls

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What is RemoteMeeting API(Application Programming Interface)?

This is a customized service that allows you to select the video conferencing option of your choice, and connect it to the program with standardized RemoteMeeting’s web video conferencing technology.

Experience RemoteMeeting API integration services at no cost

API-based seamless system extension

API-based seamless system extension

Simply add a video conferencing function and stay in your work setup without installing a separate program.

Tech support by professional developers

Tech support by professional developers

Enjoy a reliable and unique user experience backed up by the technical skills and expertise of professional engineers.

Simple and fast decision-making

Simple and fast decision-making

Build a collaborative environment at your workplace to facilitate quicker decision-making process, such as creating and joining a meeting, or sending out invites.

Verified security and convenienc

Verified security and convenience

RemoteMeeting API ensures powerful data security and frictionless video conferencing services.

Flexible configuration and low cost

Flexible configuration and low cost

Reduce cost as you maintain your work platform while boosting your productivity.

Customer compliance management

Customer compliance management

In compliance with the development environment and regulations of the customer, thorough verification is carried out while considering the efficiency of operation/management.

* We offer free RemoteMeeting API integration for premium users.

Leveraging RemoteMeeting API to Drive Collaboration and Convenience

rm api features

API features

  • Start meeting

  • Schedule

  • Join meeting

  • Record

  • Minute

  • Information

Various purposes for RemoteMeeting API in the hybrid-work world

  • Internal Groupware System

    Good communication is a critical tool in remote working environment, or when managing a big project involving many parties. Enhance the speed of your work by quick and effective communication.

  • Visual Consultation

    Any interactions with customers or the person in charge in the CRM system, typically customer management/support/service, team management, or data management is all taken care of. Be productive and perform efficiently with clear communication.

  • Collaboration Tool & Community Communication

    "Adapt to the culture of hybrid work in the contact-free society!
    Try different collaboration tools to share and manage work with video conferencing feature. Seamless communication is enabled and upgraded to a more intuitive level."

  • Remote Healthcare Services

    The context of patient-doctor interaction is made possible through contact-free consultations and visits without barriers caused by distance or time.
    Telehealth services are delivered instantly and as close to you being there in person.

  • Remote Classes

    Group lectures, training, or repetitive classes are easily solved with recording function. Conduct live training or online learning directly from the system.
    Managing students becomes more convenient and efficient while improving their engagement at the same time.

  • Remote Interviews & Online Interviews

    Just ask the interviewees to join the meeting room.
    Conduct an interview remotely without physical visits, no matter where you are.

Success stories about RemoteMeeteing API integration


JIRANSOFT OfficeMessenger

Non-face-to-face business messenger for strong security and work efficiency



Professional video conferencing for everyone with no program install

caseimg caseimg

Video Conferencing function added to the messenger!

  • When the contact-free system was set up, I could communicate easily and quickly with the person I wanted from the messenger right away.
  • I had a brilliant experience with video conferencing as I could immediately apply this function on the messenger I use at work without much hassle.

Innovate work space with RemoteMeeting API

RemoteMeeting API provision process

  • RemoteMeeting
                            affiliate API inquiry

    RemoteMeeting affiliate API inquiry

  • Submit
                            application form

    Submit application form

  • API authentication
                            information for
                            testing issued

    API authentication information for testing issued

  • Test customer
                            system integration

    Test customer system integration

  • Verification


  • Service affiliation
                            and integration

    Service affiliation and integration

Check the recommended specifications
for optimum service experience!

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