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Zoom OUT with RemoteMeeting

Let presenters and participants focus on each other!
RemoteMeeting manages the meeting, you focus on the presentation.

Engage with 100 people
Securely connect with up to 100 people across any device with RemoteMeeting.
No physical limitation, fits everyone on one screen.
Powerful meeting modes for any occasion
Select from the 3 mode according to the venue.
Use the focussed mode to pin the main speakers.
Focused screen mode

Focused screen mode

Main screen mode

Main screen mode

Split screen mode

Split screen mode

Meet the crowd on the same screen
Communicate with 100 participants without changing the screen.
Enterprise-grade features for VIP speakers
A designated moderator controls the crowd and the meeting.
Pin the VIP speaker to the main screen and grab the audience’s attention.
Meet with our AI demo “in person”
Do you want to try the service but there is no one to meet?
No worries. Our AI demo will host a meeting for you and introduce the service.
chatbot desktop image chatbot mobile image
Meeting minutes made easy with AI minute
Our innovative AI minute feature captures and transcripts
meeting attendees conversation automatically.
See what customers are saying about
switching to online communication
  • Easy video conferencing from anywhere
    We started telecommuting without preparation in response to Covid 19. We continued working without gap by connecting to the web without installing the program and by attending video conference right away. Logistics and Distribution Industry Management Department
  • Uninterrupted work flow
    I was puzzled by the sudden implementation of telecommuting, but I was able to easily communicate through video conferences on matters that need to be shared or urgent issues. IT SME HR Team
  • Seamless online communication
    When telecommuting, the company considered connectivity as the most important thing, and everyone participated in the department-wide meetings and utilized it without problems. As a result, domestic products were introduced without issue. Manufacturing Industry Computing Team
  • Smooth business continuity
    Due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, many national projects were unable to face-to-face screening, so they had to be replaced by videoconferences. Public institution / association representative
  • New way to interview
    With the introduction of RemoteMeeting, the face-to-face interview which was considered essential for meetings, were replaced by a video interview, and I think it will be a new trend in interview. HR manager of IT company
  • All from the web
    I was worried that it would be difficult to use the solution at the first for video interview, but as soon as I connected to the web, the interview just proceeded as usual. In addition, I was able to share my portfolio and appeal with myself while interviewing with interviewers. Applicants for service industry recruitment
  • Easy-to-follow guide
    I was so impressed with the remote class. We tried it for the first time, and the RemoteMeeting was great because non-IT teachers and the students were able to easily use the service. Specially, pen/draw feature was excellent to share idea and explain. Person in charge of educational institution
  • Simple to use
    Usually, lower grade students can participate in online classes only with the help of parents, but the RemoteMeeting was so simple to use that the students themselves participated in the class without the help. Primary school teacher
  • Features to keep focused
    The quality of the online classes has been improved by controlling the microphone and camera of the students in the class and they were able to concentrate on the class content. I turned on the microphone during the QA time to answer their questions. Middle School Teacher
Virtual video conference room system
Extend your conventional conference systems to the cloud.
RemoteMeeting will always have a room ready for your team.
Privacy secured with blurred background
Protect personal space when working from home.
Keep your audience engaged and away from distraction.
Immersive experience with background noise suppression
Optimize your meeting experience with better audio
by blocking the distracting background noises.

Prepare for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with RemoteMeeting

Businesses need to foresee crisis and prepare to maintain the work flow.
Systematize and plan “online” way of working with online communication.

  • Smartwork is a must, not an option

    TelecommutingWeb video conferencing

    Thanks to the #RemoteMeeting #web video conferencing, continuity of work in telecommuting was possible without any special preparation. We were able to proceed with the business meeting immediately. IT service industry, operation support team manager

  • New trend in the job market

    Video interviewRemoteMeeting

    In these days, it is hard enough to board the subway without a mask, I was worried that the job market has shrunk. But, I was able to conduct interviews at home on the date and time of my choice with #video interview. Manufacturing HR and job applicant

  • Tool for online and remote class

    Online classesRemote class

    #On-line classes were conducted through remote classes. #RemoteMeeting was the key as even lower grades in need of their parents were able to use it easily and share the class materials and provide intuitive explanation. Elementary school teacher in Seoul

Use of video conferencing increased 34 times
Many industry groups that focus on flexible work culture and communication
are taking work continuity with the introduction of remote video conferencing.
    • Education38

    • Public institutions14

    • IT11

    • Manufacturing9

    • Logistics6

    • Finance5

    • Other17

    RemoteMeeting service usage by industry

  • increased

    Video conferencing time(Prior to and after Covid 19)

Connect to the world from anywhere
Increase your competitiveness and
join the family of RemoteMeeting partners.
A fair pricing
Find the right solution and the price for your needs.
Any device, any time, any place! Just join in
Start or join online meetings from your mobile device right away and keep it going.
Customize and add video conferencing capability
RemoteMeeting API opens up the opportunity to integrate online meeting to your platform.
Increase performance, trust and engagement with a powerful collaboration suite.

Software +

Affordable, yet full featured
enterprise-grade online
meeting solution.
  • Start a meeting with one remote control button
  • Navigate between rooms as if changing the channel on TV
  • Share desktop and documents using the extra HDMI connection
Try RemoteMeeting for free for 14 days.
RemoteMeeting is the answer to an easy, powerful and 100% web based
video conferencing solution. Just experience it for yourself, no strings attached.