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Please read carefully RemoteMeeting Terms of Service before creating the account or using the service and related software and/or hardware (collectively, the "Products"). These RemoteMeeting Terms of Service define the use agreement between the customer and Rsupport. The use of and access to "Products" of RemoteMeeting is regarded as your compliance and acceptance of RemoteMeeting Terms of Service.

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms of Service is to set out the rights, responsibilities, liabilities and other necessary matters between RSUPPORT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the User in connection with the use of RemoteMeeting and other related Service as provided by the Company.

Article 2 (Definitions)

As used in these Terms of Service, the following terms shall have the respective meanings set forth below:
  1. "Log-in Account" refers to a log-in account based on a combination of the email address and password necessary for personal identification and service use.
  2. "Password" refers to a combination of letters, numbers or character as selected by a User to be linked to the User's Log-in Account to prevent any unauthorized or third-party use, to block intrusion to cut off illegal use, and to protect personal data.
  3. "Use Agreement" refers to an agreement to be executed by and between the Company and the User in connection with the use of Service and follows the Terms of Service herein.
  4. "User" refers to a customer (an individual and an entity) who executes a use agreement with the Company in accordance with these Terms of Service and receives the Service as provided by the Company.
  5. "Service" refers to all services and related contents including video meeting, shared screen, document presentation and the like, as provided by Company to enable the User to conduct the Meeting (as defined in Section (6) below) through the terminals (including PCs, portable terminals, TVs, and various other wired and wireless devices).
  6. "Meeting" refers to an activity of conducting meeting with any subjects, which are at remote location, through video and sound based on online collaborative services including video meeting, image meeting and remote meeting.

Article 3 (Terms of Service Publication and Amendment)

  1. The Company publishes these Terms of Service on the screen of the Service to allow Users easily understand their content.
  2. The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service to the extent such amendment is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. In the event of amending these Terms of Service, the Company will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment and post by the means described in Section (1) above the existing and amended Terms of Service by no later than 7 days (30 days for an amendment adverse or material to the Users) prior to the effective date; provided, however, that any amendment of these Terms of Service that is adverse to the Users shall be separately notified for a certain period of time via electronic means, such as electronic mail or a "notification screen" in PC or portable terminal application programs in addition to such publication.
  4. In amending these Terms of Service, the Company will confirm whether a User consents to the application of the amended Terms of Service after their publication; provided, however, a User may be deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Service if the User fails to express consent or disagreement until their effective date and the Company has published together with the amended Terms of Service that such failure shall be deemed as the User's consent.
  5. The Company may revise and amend these Terms of Service, if necessary, at its own discretion, provided, however, a User may be deemed to have consented to the revised/amended Terms of Service if the User continues to use the Service even after revision and amendment thereof. If a User disagrees to the application of the revised/amended Terms of Service, the User may withdraw from the Service by deleting his/her Log-in Account.

Article 4 (Other Rules)

Matters that are not set forth in these Terms of Service will follow the applicable laws and regulations or commercial practices. All matters related to the protection of the User's personal data shall follow the Company's personal data protection policy.

Article 5 (Execution of the Use Agreement)

  1. A use agreement is executed when a person desiring to become a User (hereinafter the "Applicant") expresses consent to these Terms of Service upon first running the Service related application programs and the Company accepts such application.
  2. In principle, the Company will accept an Applicant's application to use the Service; provided, however, the Company may not accept an application or terminate the use agreement after acceptance in the event of any of the following.
    1. The Applicant was disqualified previously as a User under these Terms of Service except when such Applicant has obtained the Company's acceptance for reinstatement.
    2. The Company is unable to approve for any reason attributable to the Applicant or an application is made in violation of other matters as set forth.
    3. The Service is used in a country where the Company has not decided to provide the Service and the Company needs to limit the provision of the Service concerning an agreement entered with a foreign service provider or the Users accessing to the Service from such country.
  3. The Company reserves the right to withhold the acceptance of an application in case of insufficient facilities for the Service or technical or business difficulties.
  4. In the event an Application for subscription is disapproved or withheld under Sections 2 and 3, the Company will, in principle, notify the Applicant as such.
  5. The Company may grade the Users in accordance with the Company policy and treat them differently by the detailed segmentation of usage duration, frequency, and the Service menu.

Article 6 (Obligation to Protect Personal Data)

The Company makes efforts to protect User's personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the Company's personal data management policy applies to the protection and use of personal data; provided, however, such policy will not apply to any linked websites other than the Company's official one.

Article 7 (Obligations to Maintain User's Log-in Account and Password)

  1. The responsibility to maintain a User's Log-in Account and Password shall remain solely with the User, and the User may not allow access by any 3rd party.
  2. If a User becomes aware of any unauthorized or third-party use of its Log-in Account and/or Password, it agrees to notify the Company immediately and follow the Company's guidance accordingly.

Article 8 (Notification to the User)

  1. With respect to any notice to be given by the Company to a User hereunder, unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Service, the Company may notify via electronic mail or on the separate notice screen of the application program for the Service.
  2. In case of notice to all Users, the Company may publish it for 7 days or longer on the Company website in lieu of notice under Section (1).

Article 9 (Company's Obligations)

  1. The Company will not engage in any act prohibited by the applicable laws and these Terms of Service or against public orders and morals, and will make the best effort to provide the Service continuously and reliability.
  2. The Company shall be equipped with security system to protect personal data (including credit information) to enable the Users to use the Service safely and publish and comply with a personal data management policy.
  3. The Company shall process any opinion or complaint raised by any User regarding the use of the Service that is acknowledged as being justifiable. With respect to any opinion or complaint raised by a User, the Company will inform the User of its processing procedure and resulting outcome via the website bulletin board or electronic mail.
  4. The Company reserves the right to divide the Service in different categories and designate permitted hours of use for each category separately, provided, however, that the Company will notify in advance the Users content thereof.
  5. In principle, the Service will be provided for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. The Company may temporarily suspend the Service for the maintenance, repair, replacement or breakdown of computers and information technology equipment, a disruption of telecommunication, or any proper operational reasons. In this case, the Company will notify the Users in the methods as set forth in Article 8 (Notification to the User); provided, however, if the Company is prevented from providing an advance notice for unavoidable reason(s), the Company may notify the Users after any suspension.
  7. The Company will perform routine maintenance checks as needed for the provision of the Service, and the hour of such routine maintenance checks shall follow notifications displayed on the Service provision screen.
  8. The Company may discontinue the Service in entirety for technical or operational difficulties or a deterioration of profitability with a 30-day notice on the Company homepage; provided, however, the Company may notify the Users after such discontinuation if the Company is prevented from providing an advance notice for unavoidable reason(s).
  9. In the event the Company discontinues the Service pursuant to Section (9) above, the Users may not seek damages for any services provided free of charge, or any contents, services, continuous use agreement, or fixed-term services provided for fee that have no remaining period for use. Any services provided for fee without time restraints may be used until the date of terminating the Service as posted in the Company's notice to discontinue the Service, and the Users may not seek any damages or repayment.

Article 10 (User's Obligations)

  1. A User shall not:
    1. Register false information in making or modifying an application
    2. Use another person's data without authorization
    3. Change information published by the Company
    4. Transmit or post any information (such as application programs) that is not set forth by the Company
    5. Infringe intellectual property rights of the Company and/or 3rd parties, including copyrights
    6. Replicate, dissemble, imitate or otherwise modify the Service through reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, and any other act of processing
    7. Engage in an act to defame or interfere with businesses of the Company or any 3rd party
    8. Publicize or post on the Service indecent or violent messages, videos, voices, and any other information against public order and morals
    9. Engage in an act in violation of copyright laws, including any usage of the Service for profit without the consent of the Company.
    10. Engage in other unlawful or wrongful acts.
  2. A User shall comply with the applicable laws, these Terms of Service, any use guidelines and other notes of attention as publicized in connection with the Service, and matters notified by the Company and shall not engage in any act to interfere with the Company business.

Article 11 (Changing the Service)

  1. The Company may change for proper reasons all or part of the Service provided for operational or technical needs.
  2. In the event of any changes to the content, usage and hours of use of the Service, the ground for such change, and the content to be changed and its offering date shall be posted on the notification screen or on the initial screen of the Company's homepage prior to such changes.
  3. The Company shall reserve the right to modify, suspend and change all or part of the Service provided at no fee as needed by the Company policy and management, and no compensation will be provided to the Users unless the applicable laws provide otherwise.

Article 12 (Information Sharing and Advertisement)

  1. The Company may provide the Users with various information that is considered necessary to use the Service through public notices or via electronic mail; provided that each User may decline at any time receipt such electronic mails except for responses to transaction related information requests or customer inquiries pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations.
  2. The Company may place advertisements related to the Service operation via the Service-related application program screen, homepage, electronic mail, etc. The User may express to the Company it declines receipt of any electronic mails with an advertisement.
  3. The Service provided by the Company includes advertisements in various forms such as banners, links, etc., which may lead to a page provided by a third-party.
  4. If a User is led to a page provided by a third party under Section (3) above, which is not serviced by the Company, the Company does not warrant its credibility or stability and shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the User.
  5. A User shall not take any action to modify, update or limit any Posts or other information related to the Service provided by the Company.

Article 13 (Termination and Use of the Service)

  1. The Company may provide the Service that may be used by the Users without fee (the "Free Service") and the Service that may be used for a fee predetermined by the Company (the "Service for Fee"), and a User may select and use each Service.
  2. Information regarding the fees and fee plan for use of the Service in accordance with specific classified kinds and each kind of the Service respectively shall be posted on the service site in Homepage (, and may be amended from time to time pursuant to the Company's service operation policy.

Article 14 (Fee)

  1. The rate and the applicable standard of the rate to be paid by the customer are the same as the price policy posted on the homepage. (see
  2. The "User" shall bear the remittance fee and/or other fees incurred in the process of payment.
  3. For delayed payments of the charges requested by the "Company", "User" may be entitled to further charge of interest calculated on an annual interest of 10%.

Article 15 (Duration of the contract)

  1. The duration of the contract shall be in accordance with the term for which the "User" has contracted with the "Company".
  2. If there is no explicit demand such as renewing or changing the contents of the contract at least one month before the expiration date of the contract period, the contract period shall be deemed to be extended to the same condition.

Article 16 (Termination and Refunds)

  1. The "User" who desires to terminate the contract may terminate the contract in whole or in part by submitting the required form provided by the agent of the "Company" or "Company".
  2. "Paid service" provided by "Company" to "User" means that if the contract is terminated within 7 days from the purchase, daily rate will be applied from the contracted rate and paid from the prepaid amount, and refund the difference back to the "User".
  3. The fee paid by the "User" will not be refunded except for the termination of the contract due to the cause of the "Company" as stipulated in this agreement when it exceeds 7 days after the contract.
  4. The reason for refunding the "User" for the cause of the "Company" is as follows. However, the refund will be made only at the request of the "User".
    • Reason for Refund: "Service" cannot be used due to serious flaws and "Service" is prepaid.
    • Refund Policy: By the decision of the "Company", service with same value might be provided as substitution or full prepaid amount will be refunded.
  5. When a refund is requested, the "Company" may ask for the submission of documents necessary for identification to the "User" after confirming the purchase details, and the "User" must submits the requested documents to the "Company" by FAX transmission.
  6. The method of calculating the amount of refund that occurred due to the reasons of "Company" is as follows.
    • Monthly contract: the contracted rate system calculates the number of days of cancellation for a month and deducts it from the monthly prepaid amount paid by the "user", and refunds the difference.
    • Yearly contract: the contracted rate system calculates the total number of month/s in which the service has been used with the total number of days of use for the canceled month deducting it from the prepaid amount paid by the "user" and refund the difference.

Article 17 (Ownership of Rights)

  1. Any and all copyrights and intellectual property rights in and to the Service belongs to the Company, except for, any User's Post or any other works provided under partnership agreements.
  2. Any and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in and to the designs of the Service provided by the Company and all texts, scripts, graphics created by the Company, all trademarks, service marks, logos, etc. related to the Service provided by the Company including transmission between the Users belong to the Company or otherwise owned by or licensed to the Company pursuant to the applicable laws of the Republic of Korea and other jurisdictions.
  3. The Company grants to a User the limited right to use an account, contents, etc. related to the Service according to the usage terms defined by the Company. A User shall not assign, sell, offer as collateral, or otherwise dispose of such right.

Article 18 (Restriction of Use, Etc.)

  1. If a User breaches obligations under these Terms of Service or interferes with the normal operation of the Service, the Company may restrict its use of the Service gradually from a warning to temporary suspension and permanent suspension.
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may immediately implement permanent suspension if a User violates the applicable laws and regulations by offering illegal programs in violation of the applicable copyright and computer related laws and regulations, obstructing the Service operation, committing illegal telecommunication and hacking actions in violation of the applicable telecommunication laws and regulations, distributing malware programs, etc.
  3. Terms and details of the restriction of use under this Article 16 will be determined in the Company use restriction policy and the individual operation policy of each Service.
  4. Any User may file an objection to a use restriction under this Article 16 in accordance with the procedure provided by the Company. The Company will immediately reinstate the Service if the Company determines the User's objection is justifiable.

Article 19 (Limitation of Liability)

  1. If the Company is unable to provide the Service for an act of God or any equivalent force majeure event or a User is unable to use the Service or loses data for causes not attributed to the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any losses incurred by a User in connection with the Service.
  2. In no event will the Company be liable for damages incurred by a User in connection with the use of the Service for causes attributable to the User, including an inability to use the Service.
  3. In no event will the Company be held liable for the accuracy, reliability, etc. of any information, reference or fact posted by a User in connection with the Service.
  4. The Company is waived of any responsibility for any transactions, etc. between Users and between a User and a 3rd party made through the Service.
  5. In no event will the Company have an obligation or otherwise be responsible to monitor the content or quality of any product or service advertised by a 3rd party on any screen of the Service and/or any website linked thereto.
  6. In no event will the Company and the officers, employees and agents of the Company be held liable for any damages incurred from any of the following:
    1. Damages incurred from false or inaccurate information about any User;
    2. personal damages incurred in the course of the use of the Service regardless of its nature or cause,
    3. damages incurred from unlawful access to or use of the server for the Service by a 3rd party,
    4. damages incurred from any virus, spyware and any other malware programs unlawfully transmitted and/or distributed, or being caused to be transmitted or distributed, by a 3rd party using the Service,
    5. damages incurred from an error, omission, abbreviation, or destruction of any data transmitted,
    6. Any civil and criminal liability arising from defamation or other unlawful acts between the Users in the course of using the Service.
  7. The Company shall not be held liable for the use of the Free Service unless the applicable laws and regulations provide otherwise.

Article 20 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. Any litigation between the Company and a User shall be governed by the law of the country which a User selects for the registration of Service, and the table below identifies applicable country, governing law and jurisdiction.
    Country Governing Law Jurisdiction
    United States, Latin America Laws of Republic of Korea The Seoul Central district Court
    Japan Laws of Japan Tokyo District Court of Japan
    Korea Laws of Republic of Korea The Seoul Central district Court
  2. For the litigation between the Company and a User, the laws of the country which a User selects in the Service site to sign up for the Service shall govern these Terms of Service, and the specific courts shall be based on the table above.


  • Published on: March 27, 2017
  • These Terms of Service will apply from January 05, 2018.
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