Easy and Powerful video conferencing

RemoteMeeting is the solution to maximize business productivity.

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Watch and learn how to use RemoteMeeting.

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RemoteMeeting is an easy and efficient video conferencing solution.
Watch short videos to see how RemoteMeeting is different from other video conferencing products.

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An exceptional conference experience with upgraded sound quality

Focus on the speaker's clear voice. Experience a better voice quality with RemoteMeeting's unique hybrid technology.

Video conference without installation

Video conference without installation

Is getting ready for the video conference long and complicated?
Start the meeting on the web as quickly and easily as needed.

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There is no need for preparation with RemoteMeeting.
Anyone can easily open a web browser meet online instantly.

  • Skip complicated installation

    There is no need for complicated guide or prior training as there is no program installation.

  • Free from errors

    Stay free from errors that may occur by program installation and various environments.

  • No cumbersome updates

    No more hassle of updating before and after
    installing the program.

Purpose-driven quick start mode

Select the desired meeting start mode. Experience incredibly efficient video conferencing.

Video conferencing mode

Video conferencing mode

Access all the features needed for video conferencing.
The meeting starts with the camera and microphone turned on, and share documents and screen as it progresses.

Start in Document sharing mode

Start in Document sharing mode

Do you need to keep the camera off during meetings?
Meeting starts with the camera turned OFF and keep others focused on the shared meeting materials. 

Start in Screen sharing mode

Start in Screen sharing mode

Do you want to show your screen rather than documents?
Meeting starts with the camera turned OFF and
share the screen for interactive drawing and remote control.

6 collaboration tools to complete your meetings

Be as clear as if you are right next to them.
Just like an offline meeting, RemoteMeeting's essential collaboration tool reduces miscommunication and increases effectiveness.

  • Screen sharing

    Enhance your speech by showing your
    PC screen to all meeting participants.

  • Collaborative drawing

    Communicate more clearly by drawing
    together on the shared screen.

  • Remote control

    Request remote control to directly control the other party's PC as if it were yours.

  • Document sharing

    Share and present documents or image files
    from your PC with other participants.

  • Record

    Record important points of the meeting
    with a single click, and review it later.

  • Chat

    Communicate with other participants on the chat window and share the captured screen.

My Documents Presentation

Present documents and images to meeting attendees.
Attendees can clearly describe the document using laser pointers and pens.

sharing document
Supported formats
  • MS Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
  • MS Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • TXT
Real-time interactive drawing

Use laser pointers or color pens to easily and clearly explain.
You can create more productive conferences with RemoteMeeting than offline meetings.

  • USER 1 screen
    shared document
    shared document
    shared document USER1
  • USER 2 screen
    Drawing to a shared document
    Drawing to a shared document
    Drawing to a shared document USER2

Present your screen on mobile or PC in real-time

Share your current mobile or PC screen live with others.
Enjoy a more vivid meeting by delivering local data or screen from any connected device directly.

World's first interactive drawing on web video conference

Tired of just looking at the shared screen during a meeting?
In RemoteMeeting, participants can express and communicate with more accuracy by drawing together
directly on the same screen.
Point to area of curiosity on the screen and express yourself freely through stickers or drawings.

Moderator mode for a more efficient meeting

In a meetings with multiple attendees, conducting a stable and focused meeting is the job of the moderator.
Control the meeting option depending on the venue or situation and let the presenter focus only on the presentation.

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remotemeeting speaker feature

Focus on the speaker assigned by the moderator.

Moderator designated speaker is pinned on the left or main screen of the other participants.
Moderators can also control the cameras and microphones to focus more on the speaker's speech.

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remotemeeting moderator

Efficient use of multi-monitor with screen split

Split the VIP speaker and the presentation to each own screen.
Pop-out and pin the screen while in sharing for a more focused meeting experience.

Minutes and Chat · Event log

remotemeeting meeting log
  • remotemeeting meeting log
    • Automatically transcribe and save speech per attendees.
    • Export meeting minutes as file.
    • Edit in real-time during the meeting
    • Simultaneous edit
    • Agenda check
    • Reuse previous minutes
    • Share by email
    • Store in the cloud
  • remotemeeting chat chat1 log remotemeeting chat chat2 log
    • Chat
    • Communicate via chat during meetings.
      Screenshot thumbnail, Screen display, Share saved
    • Event log
    • Display event log during meeting,
      review activity history between participants.
      Screen/Document sharing, Join/Exit, Camera On/Off

Increase satisfaction with efficient collaboration tools

Select a customized meeting screen mode

Video conferencing layout is now customized to suit your preferences and ordered at your desire.
Change the screen composition of the participants in various ways to emphasize or focus on the key participants.

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custom mode

Share How you Feel
with Emoji Reactions

Now you can immediately react and respond with Emojis during a meeting.
Locate the Reaction menu anywhere you want and enhance your experience with a broad range of emotions.

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Chat with others without disturbing the speaker.

Did you ever needed to have a more private talk with a participant while there is an active speaker?
Now, feel free to chat privately with specific person with whisper chat.

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Experience more vivid interactions even during screen sharing

While sharing screen, the presenter can switch the screen to view all participants.
Review their feedback immediately by looking at reactions.

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switch screen

Reduce collaboration time with easier file sharing

Upload documents or image files more easily and quickly, and keep the flow of the meeting seamless.
The streamlined process allows you to focus more on communication.


Clean and polished looking background with Chroma Key

Be video conference ready with green background for interviews or presentations.
Replace the green with virtual background with the Chroma Key option and make the subject stand out.

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chroma key

Place and move them around as you like

Regardless of the order of entry, change the placement of the participants at your desire.
Easily place the key members on the front and others to the side with different modes.

change layout

Speaker detection for a more immersive conference

You will focus on a meeting without distraction.
RemoteMeeting provides the speaker detecting and full screen of video conference.

  • detection system
  • detection system
  • detection system

RemoteMeeting features

  • Presentation

    Share documents such as ppt, doc, xls, pdf, hwp

  • Drawing

    Draw and highlight on Presentation mode

  • Chatting

    Share text message during the meeting.

  • Pointer

    Multi-functional pointer for presentation

  • Contacts

    Group contact information and favorite

  • Access Code

    Join by 6-digits Access Code

  • Inviting nonmember guest

    Free to invite anyone no matter

  • Speaker Detection

    Sense a speaker and put her/him/it on main screen

  • Room list

    Intuitive interface engineered by UX design

  • Full Screen Video Conference

    Full screen helps participants focus on the speaker

  • Virtual Background option

    Differentiates the subject from their background and impose a custom or blurry background over everything else.

  • Personal history

    Save and manage personal notes or screen captures

  • Screen capture

    Capture meeting's screen and share with attendees

  • Minutes

    Create and manage meeting notes

  • Recording

    Record meeting's screen
    (Cloud storage)

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Do you need a powerful, high definition videoconferencing service?
Try our enterprise version for an absolute efficiency in collaboration. RemoteMeeting is available on Chrome browser only.