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RemoteMeeting is the solution to maximize business productivity.

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RemoteMeeting is an easy and efficient video conferencing solution.
Watch short videos to see how RemoteMeeting is different from other video conferencing products.

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Web browser-based video conferencing

Use your browser to start and join video conferences.
No need for a dedicated application, all from your browser.

browser top area

remotemeeting contents to browser

No installation needed.

Get away from application-based video conferencing with complex setup and installation process.
Connect directly from a web browser directly.

  • Skip complex installations

    Program installation is troublesome even for those who are familiar with IT. RemoteMeeting can be started immediately from a web browser without program installation on PC, so even those non-experts can use it easily.

  • Free from installation errors

    Enterprises hesitate to introduce the video conferencing tool because of different errors that occur frequently when used on different environments. With RemoteMeeting, you do not waste time, money, and resource due to errors that occur during program installation and makes it easy to deploy to the whole company.

  • No annoying software updates

    For web conferencing systems that require installation, software updates are essential. Updates occur only when in a hurry. RemoteMeeting has no such problem. You can always use the latest system from the web browser which is updated on our side, not the customer's side..

RemoteMeeting, Quick, Easy and Powerful

The dummy-friendly design makes RemoteMeeting easy to use for everybody.
RemoteMeeting offers quick, easy, and powerful way to video conference and collaboration.

  • Log in, select an empty room from the lounge and press Start.

    remotemeeting lounge and create room
  • In the Meeting Mode window, create a title and click Start.

    remotemeeting lounge and create room

5 key features for a successful video conferencing

Realistic communication as if you are in the same space as the others.
Convenient features will allows you to conduct more efficient and smooth meetings.

  • Minutes

    Create meeting minutes and edit /share it with all attendees in real-time.

  • Document sharing

    Documents presentation mode with a dedicated doc. viewer

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your desktop screen to all attendees

  • Chatting

    Share opinions as text message not to disturb ongoing speech or presentation

  • Recording

    Record Meeting's screen (Cloud storage)

My Documents Presentation

Present documents and images to meeting attendees.
Attendees can clearly describe the document using laser pointers and pens.

sharing document
Supported formats
  • MS Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
  • MS Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • TXT
Real-time interactive drawing

Use laser pointers or color pens to easily and clearly explain.
You can create more productive conferences with RemoteMeeting than offline meetings.

  • USER 1 screen
    shared document
    shared document
    shared document USER1
  • USER 2 screen
    Drawing to a shared document
    Drawing to a shared document
    Drawing to a shared document USER2

Present your PC screen as well as the sound

Share the presenter’s PC screen and the output sound with the attendees in real-time
Deliver multi-type information in addition to the traditional documents to the audience.

  • user(man) image Presenter PC screen
  • user(woman) image Attendee PC screen

Moderator mode for a more efficient meeting

In a meetings with multiple attendees, conducting a stable and focused meeting is the job of the moderator.
Control the meeting option depending on the venue or situation and let the presenter focus only on the presentation.

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remotemeeting speaker feature

Focus on the speaker assigned by the moderator.

Moderator designated speaker is pinned on the left or main screen of the other participants.
Moderators can also control the cameras and microphones to focus more on the speaker's speech.

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remotemeeting moderator

Minutes and Chat · Event log

remotemeeting meeting log
  • remotemeeting meeting log
    • Automatically transcribe and save speech per attendees.
    • Export meeting minutes as file.
    • Edit in real-time during the meeting
    • Simultaneous edit
    • Agenda check
    • Reuse previous minutes
    • Share by email
    • Store in the cloud
  • remotemeeting chat
    • Text chat during a meeting.
    • Display events happened during the meeting.
    • Thumbnails of screenshots taken, share and store.

Speaker detection for a more immersive conference

You will focus on a meeting without distraction.
RemoteMeeting provides the speaker detecting and full screen of video conference.

  • detection system
  • detection system
  • detection system

Cost Savings

Instead of traveling, we calculated the cost savings and provided various statistics for meetings with RemoteMeeting. Companies that adopted video conferencing can now realize the cost savings.

Time Spent(minute)
calculator line
calculator graph
calculator tooltip
Usage Statistics
  • Saving Cost

    Total ( USD ) 45,131

  • Saving Distance

    Total ( km ) 123,955

  • Saving Carbon

    Total ( tCO2 ) 24.5044

Perfect companion for RemoteMeeting

The RemoteMeeting box is the smartest way to use cloud video conferencing RemoteMeeting.
The RemoteMeeting box is a total video conferencing solution that makes it easy to transform common conference rooms into video conferencing rooms.

RemoteMeeting BOX
  • remotemeeting device
  • remotemeeting device
  • remotemeeting device
  • remotemeeting device
  • Highest Price-to-Performance Video Conferencing System

    There is no need to prepare anything for video conferencing. The most productive conferencing system and in-conference collaboration.

  • Optimal solution for small to medium sized meeting room video conferencing

    Install within 5 minutes hassle-free. It is a high-definition, high-quality video conferencing station with lightweight and fast Android system, a high-performance Logitech enterprise camera and a Jabra speakerphone.

  • Present the laptop screen by connecting an HDMI cable

    Use laser pointers or color pens to easily and clearly explain.
    You can create more productive conferences with RemoteMeeting than offline meetings.

Start with one click on the remote control.

You can join a RemoteMeeting conference or create a meeting by pressing the OK button on the remote control. No more complicated procedures.

  • wifi remote controller
  • video meeting screen video meeting screen video meeting screen

RemoteMeeting features

  • Presentation

    Share documents such as ppt, doc, xls, pdf, hwp

  • Drawing

    Draw and highlight on Presentation mode

  • Chatting

    Share text message during the meeting.

  • Pointer

    Multi-functional pointer for presentation

  • Contacts

    Group contact information and favorite

  • Access Code

    Join by 6-digits Access Code

  • Inviting nonmember guest

    Free to invite anyone no matter

  • Speaker Detection

    Sense a speaker and put her/him/it on main screen

  • Room list

    Intuitive interface engineered by UX design

  • Full Screen Video Conference

    Full screen helps participants focus on the speaker

  • Virtual Background option

    Differentiates the subject from their background and impose a custom or blurry background over everything else.

  • Personal history

    Save and manage personal notes or screen captures

  • Screen capture

    Capture meeting's screen and share with attendees

  • Minutes

    Create and manage meeting notes

  • Recording

    Record meeting's screen
    (Cloud storage)

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