Select the plan that best fits your business.

RemoteMeeting offers a wide range of pricing plan.
Businesses can select the right plan according to their size and environment.

What is the best plan for my business?

We offer various type of plan to use RemoteMeeting service.
Select the plan that best fits your business needs.


Pay-per-USE Pay-per-USER
Plan name Basic User
Initial cost $0.00 $0.00
Billing Postpaid / monthly Prepaid / monthly
Contract No 12 months
Meeting time Per usage (~$0.20/min) Unlimited
Meeting room Unlimited
(up to 99 meetings)
Total no. of users purchased
(up to 99 meetings)
No. of users Unlimited Unlimited
No. of assign user Unlimited Total no. of users purchased
Key features Total cost calculated from usage.
All employees with their own user account.
Fixed monthly cost with no meeting time limit.
Detailed pricing ~$0.20 / minute $9.99 / 1 User (monthly)
Min.purchase : 5 Users

* A user is the person who creates and starts a meeting

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BASIC plan

「Reasonable Metered plan」Available to everyone. But, pay only per usage.

No over burden introducing the service.
Anyone at the company can use the tool but only pay for the actual meeting time without contract. No initial cost, start with 0 cost.

Unlimited users
$0.18/ 1min
Recommended for businesses
  • To improve communication company-wide with online videoconferencing.
  • To add a backup system to current video conferencing system.
  • To use videoconferencing service with irregular usage.
  • To use videoconferencing tool without paying too much.

Per User plan

「Unlimited per Seat plan」Group members can use the service with no limit!

Give each a seat to those who needs RemoteMeeting.
Each user can host meetings independently. Just get a seat! 0 upfront cost!

Min. purchase
5 Users
$9.99/ 1User(monthly)
Recommended for businesses
  • For communication with telecommuting employees.
  • A specific group has a higher than other’s usage.
  • Use of videoconferencing tool for a very specialized purpose.
  • Requires unlimited usage time due to frequent/long meetings.

* Example

Case Monthly cost Annual cost
5 User $49.95 $599.4

* A user is the person who creates and starts a meeting