Video conferencing with TV remote control,
RemoteMeeting BOX

Start a meeting without PC or laptop.

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Start with a simple press on OK button

Press the OK button on the remote control to start the meeting.
RemoteMeeting Box offers an easy interface for everyone

Already explored by many industries.

Free the business from space and distance constraints.
RemoteMeeting Box is used in virtually every industries.

RemoteMeeting BOX. Manufacturing 41%, Public institutions 15.6%, Service 15.6%, Finance 6.2% , SW 6.2%, Health 4.6% , Wholesale 4.6%, Transportation 3.1% , Distribution 3.1%
  • Case 1Meeting between HQ and branch office

    Instead of flying over, we met with RemoteMeeting.
  • Case 2Remote work training

    We don't have to travel over to get training anymore.

Upgrade your work environment with smart video conferencing equipment

The RemoteMeeting Box can easily change small, medium, and large rooms to a video conference rooms at any time.
It is an easy-to-install and ready-to-use hardware package.

box intro

Configuration optimized for conference rooms

Dedicated video conferencing equipment, remote control, Full HD camera,
HD speaker, all included in the RemoteMeeting BOX.

Easy, yet efficient video conferencing tool

Easily create a video conference room at a reasonable cost
Start video conferencing instantly, no experience required.

Just a simpler, much simpler video conferencing

There is no need to have a PC or log in every time in the meeting room.
Easy to use and powerful RemoteMeeting Box

  • Easier with own remote control

    As easy as a TV, dedicated video conferencing equipment provides an intuitive, dedicated remote control that even first-time users can easily use.

  • Raise productivity with powerful collaboration features

    Various collaboration features such as document sharing on a USB drive or laptop screen available with the remote control and dedicated equipment.

2 x HDMI ports

Offers one HDMI port for output display and one HDMI port for notebook screen input.
It allows switching between normal video conferencing and presentation screen.

2 port HDMI 지원 Screen image Screen image

Video conferencing room configurable by business size

Optimized dedicated all-in-one package offered according to the size.


RemoteMeeting BOX 3D View

RemoteMeeting BOX specification

  • Item Dimension 140.0mm (W) x 140.0mm (D) x 37.5mm (H)
  • CPU Quad-core 2.5GHz
  • Storage eMMC 32GB
  • Memory 3GB LPDDR3(1600Mbps)
  • Wireless Data Network WiFi 802.11 g/n, Bluetooth V4.0
  • I/O Port HDMI In, HDMI Out, USB2.0(3 ports), USB3.0(1 ports)
  • HD Camera Logitech Business Camera Full HD(1280&720p), Low Light Compensation, Auto-Focusing, 90 Degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • Speaker phone Jabra 510; Omni-directional microphone, digital signal processing (DSP), Bluetooth / USB connection
  • Remote Control 18 Keypad, IR Remote
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Rsupport RemoteMeeting Partnership

In partnership with No.1 global digital equipment vendors, Rsupport provides high compatibility with various video conferencing devices and optimized video services.

Millions of users are already using RemoteMeeting Box.

Upgrade you video conferencing room now!

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