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Start a meeting quickly with a remote control
Powerful collaboration with faster screen sharing.


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Born to Smart Work, RemoteMeeting BOX suggests a new paradigm of productive teamwork.
Present and share your laptop's screen with RemoteMeeting BOX
RemoteMeeting BOX is the business collaboration console for usual local meeting as well as remote video conferencing.

RSUPPORT x Logitech

RSUPPORT is a proud member of the LCP (Logitech Collaboration Program) , a global technology partnership program for professional video collaboration services. RSUPPORT’s RemoteMeeting Box has been thoroughly tested and certified for its compatibility with Logitech's ConferenceCams. Logitech is a key partner providing video conferencing hardware for RemoteMeeting. Logitech MeetUp, Group and C930e have been perfectly optimized for RemoteMeeting with peerless performance and truly phenomenal video quality.
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